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Bona Scorpion

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For sanding of all kinds of wooden and parquet floors by users of all proficiency levels: professionals, semiprofessionals or DIY users


• Compact, yet effective
• Light weight of 45 kg
• “Dead man” electrical safety feature on handle
• Easy fitting and changing of paper sleeve, no tools needed 
• Step-less pressure adjustment
• Can fit distressing drums to texture wood floors on site

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The Bona Scorpion expansion drum sanding machine is designed to be a lightweight professional tool that can be easily and very safely operated by any user. Unique electrical power supply safety features such as the “dead man” handle device guarantee safe operation. Bona Scorpion is the perfect combination of functionality, reliability, safety, and ease of use.

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Drum width: 200 mm
Sanding belt size: 200 x Ø 480 mm
Motor power: 1.5 kW
Total weight: 45 kg
Dust revolutions: 3000 rpm
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