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Bona Power Scrubber

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Application areas
• Outdoor wooden deck
• Indoor finished wooden floors
• Indoor wooden oiled floors

• Efficient deep cleaning along grains of wood
• Powerful and easy to manoeuvre
• Does not leave swirl marks
• Easy to fill, clean and transport
• Ergonomic operation

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The Bona PowerScrubber is a compact, powerful machine for deep cleaning wooden surfaces. May it be varnished, oiled or even an outdoor wooden deck, the result is always stunning. Together with Bona Deep Clean Solution, it removes the toughest dirt and grime from wooden floors with ease. The two counter-rotating cylindric brushes clean deeply along the grains of the wood, ensuring that it is complete free of dust and algae. The rubber squeegees ensure an effective water pickup, enabling a powerful yet mild cleaning process.

Brush recommendations:

White brush - For oiled and lacquered wood floors and stone.
Orange brush - For profiled deckings.
Red brush - For oiled or hard wax oiled wood floors and resilient floors (Linoleum, PVC, PUR or Rubber).
Green brush - For stone floors (not high gloss).
Black brush - Cleaning of concrete and matt tiles.

More Information
Technical Data
Motor rating: Max 2700 W, Avg. 1900 W
Power supply: 220–240 V / 50 Hz
Machine weight: 34.5 kg
Scrubbing brush for outdoor: 2 x 400 mm orange nylon
Scrubbing brush for indoor: 2 x 400 mm white nylon
Solution capacity: 10 L
Recovery tank capacity: 10 L
Dimensions: 520 mm x 470 mm x 300 mm
Recommended detergent:  Bona Deep Clean Solution
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