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Fast and effective decking revival

An outdoor deck is constantly subjected to different elements of the weather, including harsh sunshine, and heavy rain and snow.

Complete cleaning and reviving usually takes a few days of precious time and costs.

Introducing the Bona Decking System – a fast and convenient solution that involves two unique processes of deep cleaning and protection, while keeping environmental sustainability and your health in mind.

Two unique processes to a perfect deck:

  1.  Effective preparation
  2. Lasting protection

Deep cleaning and preparation 

The Bona Decking System consists of the innovative Bona PowerScrubber and the special Bona Deep Clean Solution.

The unique system deep cleans your wooden deck along the grains of the wood to ensure that it is completely free of dust and algae, rivitalises and prepares the deck for a new layer of lasting protection.

An effective cleaning process before oiling

To ensure an even and smooth end surface, the deck should be thoroughly cleaned and prepared before the oiling process.

The Bona PowerScrubber is a compact, powerful scrubbing machine. Its two counter-rotating cylindrical brushes, together with Bona Deep Clean Solution, remove the toughest dirt and grime from wooden decks with ease.

Unique counter-rotating brushing technique

The brushes of the Bona PowerScrubber are specially developed for maximum effectiveness on wooden surfaces. They rotate in different directions and clean the deck along the grains of the wood, deep into the bres. The Bona

PowerScrubber, unlike high-pressure patio cleaners, do not leave any swirl marks and guarantee a superb surface ready for oiling.