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Vinyl Floor Deep Cleaning

As low as AED36.75 AED35.00

 This service is priced per M2

Powerful scrubbing action from the Bona PowerScrubber removes stubborn stains and layers of cleaning residue.

Step 1: Select your area tier (Below)

Step 2: Enter number of M2 of your floor area in the QTY box.

Minimum area: 25 M2

Community fees and other external uncontrollable charges at client's cost.

Payment plan: 50% advance is required and final price is subject to final site measurement to the nearest square meter in your tier.

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 This service is priced per M2

The Service Includes:

• Inspection & highlighting possible floor issues

• Deep Cleaning of the floor area with PowerScrubber and Bona Remove R

• Method statement

• Free private portal setup & Personal App.

• Final bill will be based on actual area measured plus any extras.

Service Overview

Heavy traffic and the build-up of dirt and residue can leave floors looking dull, tired and lacklustre. Bona’s unique deep cleaning treatment works hard to remove stubborn stains and restore the freshness and appearance of a range of surfaces, from PVC, to Linoleum, without the costs and downtime associated with full renovation.

Service Features

• Fast

• Powerful Scrubbing Action

• High quality cleaner

Service Benefits

• The area is availble for immediate use.

• Deep clean and refreshing look


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