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It is important to kno wthe theoretical Spread rate for the products that you use so they you have a good idea of how much material to use.

Bona Primer and finish coatings will have a TSR of between 8 - 10 m2 per litre of product. The range is broad as it depends on the type of floor that you are spreading the material over and if your using a primer or not before the finish coats.

To save money and to get a better final look it is always recommended to use a primer first. The primer will penetrate deep into the wood surface and provide a good film for the top coats to go over which will give you a smoother look and also save on product. 

Bona Craft Oils will have a TSR of around 30 m2 per litre of product. Oils work differently than lacquers. They will firstly soak into the wood and then begin to rise to the surface of the wood. Always ensure that you wipe off any excess oil after applicattion and always ensure that oiled rags are disposed of safetly.