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Wood Floor Styling & Renovation

 Are you renovating? We can turn your exisiting floor into someting brand new!

 Nordic Shimmer

Maybe it’s the deep forests. Maybe it’s the quiet lakes. Chances are it’s both. The Nordic countries have fostered generations of world famous designers, and the result is a style that doesn’t make a whole lot of noise, but shines with great qualities upon a closer look

Garden Atmosphere

Fresh out of ideas? Try the garden for inspiration. A natural place for retreat and contemplation, it’s an all-time inspirational favorite for architects, artists, and fashion designers alike. And it’s good for your inner garden too.

Malibu Dreams 

Surrender to the warm and welcoming California style. Free-spirited and rustic, yet chic. A fresh cross-over with influences from faraway places, all brought to life in food, music, sports and everything else that makes life worth living.

Touch of Grace 

Make room for a delightful experience blessed with elegance and finesse. Largely based on classic styles and vintage favorites, Touch of Grace has all you need to create a truly personal home. Use your sense of style and make room for the cheerful and unexpected. With Touch of Grace there is no right or wrong

New Modern

Indulge in exquisite design and pride yourself in a responsible lifestyle. New Modern is all about carefully considered decisions. A shopping philosophy closer to art than to consumption, really – and you are the curator. Activate your senses and go all in on the things you love. It’s perfectly sound.

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