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Bona PowerDrive + 4 sanding discs

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To be used exclusively with the Bona FlexiSand 1.5 or Bona FlexiSand 1.9. Creates a new dimension for sanding down to bare wood Using a direction-free sanding technique, the drive combines excellent performance with easy operation. Four rotating discs sand closely to the walls, which reduces the need for edge sanding

• For powerful rotary sanding to bare wood
• Reduces need for edge sanding. Only leaves a 3 cm strip against the wall.
• Delivers a fantastically fine and smooth sanding result
• Failsafe, no risk of drum marks and similar

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Bona Power Drive is a unique drive plate with four force driven sanding discs for unsurpassed powerful rotary sanding of wooden floors. Mounted on Bona FlexiSand it can remove thick layers of lacquer, replacing the need for conventional belt sanding. The advantages of rotary sanding are the simplicity of use and minimized need for edge sanding while delivering excellent sanding results. The drive plate is easy to manoeuvre in small, confined spaces and can be used independent of the direction of the wood.


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