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Bona PowerDrive CONNECT

AED7,561.05 AED7,201.00

4 sanding discs are now included when ordering this plate.


Compatible with: Bona FlexiSand 1.9

No. of discs: 4

Disc diam.: Ø 150 mm 

Key Benefits:

• Flexible - one drive plate for both sanding and brushing jobs.
• Reduces need for edge sanding. Only leaves a 3 cm strip against the wall.
• Delivers a fantastically fine and smooth sanding result

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Bona Power Drive NEB is the second generation of unique drive plate, for unsurpassed powerful direction free sanding and brushing of wooden floors. It is equipped with a specially developed click-on technology allowing flexible use of different tools. It can be used both for sanding jobs, like the traditional Bona Power Drive, but with just a click the sanding discs can be changed to brushes. With the brushes mounted to the Power Drive NEB it is possible to create that exclusive wire brushed look and texture. The advantages of direction free sanding and brushing is the simplicity of use and minimized need for edge sanding, as well as the excellent results achieved. The drive plate is easy to manoeuvre in small, confined spaces and can be used independent of the direction of the wood.


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