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Bona Mix & Fill 5L

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Mix & Fill is a waterborne joint filler designed to be mixed with sanding dust to a suitable colour and consistency. Mix & Fill is used to fill joints up to 2 mm in width and other minor defects in wooden floors. It can be used with all Bona finishes and oils and gives the flooring contractor the possibility to offer a completely waterborne system.

• Works with all Bona finishing and oil systems

• Free of harmful solvents

• No unpleasant smell

• Fills the joints, but doesn’t slump

• Waterborne, but anti-corrosive (no rust stains)

• Dries quickly

• Easy to sand

• Always the right colour of the joint

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Gap filler for gaps up to 2 mm wide. Functional with practically all types of wood. The filler is mixed with wood dust from the actual floor to be treated producing a natural colouration that blends in with the rest of the floor.

• Easy to sand
• Very quick drying
• Anti-corrosive
• Odourless
• EC1RPLUS approved. The industry's best possible assurance against indoor air pollution for a high level of health protection and environmental compatibility

More Information
Floor Coating Type Indoor lacquered
Type of lacquer Acrylate dispersion
Coverage 1 L itre/10m²
Drying Time

- Ready for sanding: approx 20mins depending on width & depth of gap filled*

*under normal climatic conditions, 20°C/60% R.H.

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