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Bona Craft Oil 2K Clay 1.25L

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Bona Craft Oil 2K’s unique formula, made from modified plantbased oil, exhibits accelerated drying time and strengthened wear resistance. Works perfectly with a wide variety of wood species including otherwise problematic ones such as jatoba, cherry, walnut and more. It delivers a beautiful and strong water- and stain-resistant surface and is ready for light use in just 8 hours.

• High performance plant-based oil
• Protects in 1 coat
• Long open-time, quick cure
• Overcoatable with Bona Traffic, Bona Traffic HD and Traffic Natural                                                                               

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Performance, versatility and design – Bona Craft Oil 2K can be used on its own as a quick drying, high-performance oil or be combined with a lacquer for different gloss levels and a practically maintenance free surface. The unique formula is made from modified plant-based oil and delivers tough, water and stain resistant protection to floors in domestic or medium wear environments - even before the application of a lacquer coat. . Light use is possible in as little as 8 hours. Bona Craft Oil 2K is compatible with most wood species, even tricky ones such as cherry, walnut, smoked oak and steamed beech. Available in six colours (including Neutral) which can be used in conjunction with Bona Tones and Bona Mix Colours.

• Uniquely long open time and pot life - Easy to work with
• Fast and secure curing - Functional on many tropical wood species
• Allows for upright application with squeegee or roller
• Very low solvent content
• Spot-repairable
• Overcoatable with Traffic, Traffic HD and Traffic Natural
• Complies with EN 71-3 for application on children’s toys

More Information
Delivery Time Available for collection from Sat. to Thursday 9 AM til 4 PM
Floor Coating Type Indoor oiled
Type of lacquer Modified vegetable oils + isocyanate hardener
Coverage 30 m²/litre
Drying Time
  • Between applications: 15-30 minutes*
  • Light use: Neutral/8 hours* Coloured/12 hours*
  • *under normal indoor conditions, 23°C/50% R.H. Ensure proper ventilation.
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